What’s in the new EU digital strategy?

The European Union’s new Digital Services Act introduces new digital liability rules and ensures a more competitive digital market, where smaller European competitors will be able to go up against U.S. Big Tech.

The bloc will ban large digital platforms from favoring their own services in search rankings or pre-installing their own apps on devices. The rules will also force bigger companies to share data with rivals and be more transparent about their collection of users’ information.

The EU is also standing up to the seeming limitless power of U.S. Big Tech, over concerns about the companies’ use of Europeans’ data on their platforms.

The new digital strategy also tackles online content moderation and hate speech on digital platforms.

Von der Leyen said, “We want the values we cherish in the offline world also respected online. At its most basic, it means that what is illegal offline should be illegal online, too, and the law should be enforced.”

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