Germany to go back into a hard lockdown over Christmas

Germany will go back into a hard lockdown on December 16 until January 10 with the president describing it as a “bitterly serious situation.”

It’s a move the government had hoped to avoid. So much so that since November, the country has been in what was dubbed “lockdown lite” – softer restrictive measures to try and help stop the spread of the virus.

Restaurants, bars and leisure centers have already been closed since then and they’ll now need to remain shut until next year.

Under the stricter rules that will come into force, only essential shops like supermarkets and pharmacies can stay open. Schools will be closed and so will all non-essential businesses like hair and beauty salons. But outlets selling Christmas trees can continue trading.

Germany’s President has called for people to show solidarity and consideration towards others over the festive period. A maximum of five people from no more than two households are allowed to gather in a home.

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