Birth rate drops to all time low in England

The first half of 2020 marks the eighth consecutive year birth rates fell in England, following a trend throughout Europe as births drop and the population ages.

If the current rate continues, this year will mark the lowest birth rate on record – 3.6 percent lower than 2019, according to the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

Earlier this year, only 1.6 children were born for every woman. In 2001, the old record, that rate was 1.63 children born for every woman.

This is part of an eight-year continuous decline that started in 2012, when 1.93 babies were born per woman.

And England is not alone. Birth rates are also declining in the rest of Europe. In 2018 Portugal, Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Malta were all among the countries with the 20 lowest birth rates globally, according to the World Bank.

Spain had one of the lowest rates in the EU, second only to Malta. That year, the total number of deaths in the country outnumbered the number of births.

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