Cebu vendors will not be allowed outside churches for Misa de Gallo

Vendors selling kakanin, puto, hot chocolate, and other delicacies typical during the Misa de Gallo will not be allowed to sell in areas near Cebu churches from December 16 to 24.

According to Councilor David Tumulak, the vendors will be prohibited to sell their goods at the entrances and exits of the churches, or even within a considerable distance from them.

Tumulak said the vendors or shops are potential crowd gathering areas for the parishioners because it is expected that once they leave the churches, they will try to buy breakfast from the vendors. Should this happen, it may be difficult for the police and the augmentation forces to control parishioners from crowding.

With this restriction, he urged the vendors to instead wait at their respective sitios so that when people go home, they can buy the food there instead of outside the churches.

Dispersing the vendors to the sitios would ensure that no crowding will occur after the end of the Mass.

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