Key lime pie from Florida, BBQ from Texas: How one company struck gold helping restaurants reach customers nationwide

When restaurants closed for in-person dining for the first time in April, online orders at Big Shake’s Nashville Hot Chicken “blew through the roof.”

Majority of orders came from a national delivery platform called Goldbelly, which Big Shake’s CEO Shawn Davis signed up for just a few months before the pandemic hit.

Now, out of every ten online orders that Big Shake’s gets, seven come in through Goldbelly. The partnership with the platform has been such a success that in May, Big Shake’s purchased a warehouse just to fill Goldbelly orders.

Davis shared, Goldbelly “kind of saved our business.”

When Goldbelly launched seven years ago, its mission was to “connect people with their food dreams.” That meant helping restaurants ship nationally so they could reach homesick, nostalgic or curious customers — someone in Boston craving for a Florida key lime pie, or a Texan desperate for pastries baked by Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes.

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