Madrid Closes its Borders Ahead of Christmas Getaway

Spain’s capital Madrid closed its borders till December 14 to stop COVID-19’s spread during the festive period.

This time of year sees thousands of people coming in and out of Madrid to go Christmas shopping or to head out for a short getaway. As well as closing the borders, the authorities have also warned people in Madrid to follow social distancing rules during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

In his daily briefing, Spain’s coronavirus task force chief said Spain was still in an extremely precarious position when it came to COVID-19.

He said, “Practically all of Spain continues to be at a degree of risk. The data that we are observing, if the evolution is true, does not indicate that we are in a situation where we can relax the measures that we are implementing.” With Spain just getting over the effects of the second wave of COVID-19, authorities will be hoping the busier streets don’t prove to be the catalyst for a third surge of the pandemic

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