Cyberattacks Rise During COVID-19

The pandemic has presented an opportunity for cybercriminals, with Interpol warning further increases in these crimes are expected. We lag behind in securing our increasingly digital lives and businesses.

These pandemic-induced cyber crimes have ranged from lone hackers capitalizing on increased online activity, to alleged state-backed cyber ops compromising vaccine trials. While there is no proof as to who is behind the latter, corporate espionage is also a possibility.

High stakes data breaches remind us that there are gaping holes in many countries’ cybersecurity. At the individual, corporate, and governmental level, the world is vulnerable.

Whereas individuals are perhaps uninformed about the risks, or trust businesses to protect their data, corporations have no excuse. Most executives who are victims of ransomware attacks, for example, admit to paying the ransom (and often not informing those whose data has been breached).

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