China Vows New Measures as World Leaders Gather to Fight Climate Change at the Climate Ambition Summit

After surprising the world in September by announcing a goal to become carbon neutral by 2060, China on Saturday announced more new measures to fight climate change and stressed the important role of “solidarity, cooperation and confidence” at the Climate Ambition Summit to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the international pact aimed at curbing global warming.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “China will lower its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by over 65 percent from the 2005 level, increase the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to around 25 percent, increase the forest stock volume by 6 billion cubic meters from the 2005 level, and bring its total installed capacity of wind and solar power to over 1.2 billion kilowatts.”

Heads of state from over 70 countries took part in the virtual event to announce greater efforts in cutting the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel global warming.

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