‘World’s Deepest’ Swimming Pool, Containing 8,000 Cubic Meters of Water, Opens in Poland

Scuba divers can plunge to new depths without setting foot in the ocean thanks to a 10.6-million-dollar facility that’s just opened in Poland.

With a depth of over 45 meters, Deepspot is claimed to be the world’s deepest swimming pool, containing 8,000 cubic meters of water — more than 20 times the amount of a 25-meter pool.

Intended as a training and practice site for divers of all levels, the construction process took over two years.

It is fitted with a simulated “blue hole” running down to its deepest point, and even contains a small shipwreck, as well as artificial underwater caves and Mayan ruins for divers to explore.

There’s also an underwater tunnel for spectators, while a number of onsite hotel “rooms with a view” at a depth of five meters will be available from December 14.

Deepspot was permitted to open despite Poland’s Covid-19 rules, as it’s a training center providing courses rather than a standard swimming pool.

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