102-year-old New York Resident Lived Through the 1918 Flu. Now She’s Beat COVID-19 – Twice.

Angelina Friedman is a survivor, in every sense of the word.

When she was a baby, she lived through 1918 flu. Throughout her life she survived cancer, internal bleeding and sepsis. In April, she survived COVID-19 which has taken nearly 1.5 million lives worldwide.

And now, the 102-year-old New York resident just did it again. She survived a second coronavirus diagnosis, according to her daughter, Joanne Merola.

Friedman’s first diagnosis occurred in March after she was in the hospital for a minor medical procedure, administrator Amy Elba said earlier this year. When she returned, she had tested positive, Elba said.

At that time, she spent a week in the hospital before returning to isolate in her room. With a fever on and off for several weeks, Friedman finally tested negative on April 20.

In late October, Merola received a call from the nursing home, she told media, “to tell me she had tested positive again.” Friedman finally tested negative on November 17.

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