Japan Goes Beyond Rice Cookers with New Curry Rice Cooker

Curry and rice is always nice, so why not a single machine that lets you cook them both?

A rice cooker is one of the best investments you can make. Just toss in the rice, pour in the water, and a press of a button is all you need to do to earn the reward of a pot of fluffy, freshly cooked grains.

But a bowl of plain white rice, entirely by itself, is a pretty sad dinner, no matter how fresh and fluffy it is. So wouldn’t it be better than if instead of just a rice cooker, you had a curry rice cooker?

Of course it would, which is why Japan’s Oak Lawn Marketing created the Twin Chef.

Appearance-wise, the Twin Chef looks like two rice cookers joined at the hip, but it actually lets you cook four different things at once. First off, you’ve got the paired pots, and the gadget’s 10 pre-set cooking styles allow you to optimize temperature and cooking time to make not just rice and curry, but stewed meats and vegetables, soup, rice porridge, cakes, and even home-made yogurt.

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