China Tops World in Port Cargo Container Throughput

China’s port construction developed so much in recent years that seven of the world’s top 10 ports in terms of cargo and container throughput are in China, according to data from the Ministry of Transport.

China has 2,530 berths in coastal ports that can dock ships with a displacement of at least 10,000 metric tons and the investment in ports in China was expected to hit about 56 billion dollars during the last five years.

China is reported to own the technology of building intelligent ports as a batch of unmanned ports have been built in the country during the period.

The automated container terminal in Qingdao was praised by foreign internet users who watched the fully-automated operation in a YouTube video. A user said, “Watching this is like science fiction.”

Ports-related Chinese companies, especially those manufacturing machinery and equipment used in ports, were said to contribute to the growth of the global port and shipping industry.

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