Increased Penalty for Cebu City Quarantine Violators

The Cebu City Council has amended for the second time the ordinance that details the penalties against quarantine violators.

For this most recent amendment authored by Councilor Raymond Garcia, the fee has been increased to 1,000 pesos for the first offense, 2,000 pesos for the second offense, and 5,000 pesos for the third offense and beyond.

This penalty is a compromise fee for not being charged in court. Violators who cannot afford the fee may render corresponding hours of community service from four to 12 hours.

Garcia, who amended the ordinance for the second time, said that there was a necessity to do so because the first amendment of 500 pesos for first time offenders did little to discourage violators.

He added, “(This way the penalty is higher and the public will hesitate.)”

If the violator will not pay the compromise fee and will not undergo the voluntary community service, charges will be filed against him for violating the law.

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