Baguio Diocese Condemns Social Media Post ‘Red-tagging’ Bishop Victor Bendico

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Baguio City condemned a social media post accusing its bishop of supporting communist rebels.

The Diocese of Baguio said Bishop Victor Bendico and its Social Action Commission have no link to right-wing or left leaning groups.

The diocese issued the statement after it received reports of social media posts associating Bendico to an organization “which he does not personally know and deal with.”

The Diocese of Baguio said, “He was addressed in the said [Facebook] post as a supporter of this organization for which reason he was red-tagged,” adding it has asked social media users to stop red-tagging Bendico.

A United Nations report in June said red-tagging—labeling activists as rebels or enemies of the state—has been a “persistent and powerful threat to civil society and freedom of expression.”

The Commission on Human Rights also said red-tagging is a “serious concern” that should not be taken lightly.

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