Pair Walks 880km Across France to Collect Discarded Face Masks

Two men are walking across France to bring awareness to the number of discarded face masks littering the country.

The men, one British and the other French, started their journey from Marseille to Paris on October 1. Altogether, they will walk a total of 880 kilometers. Along their journey, they meet people and show them their growing collection.

Frédéric Munsch, a photojournalist and one of the pair, said, “People think that when they throw away a mask, it’s nothing. If we put under their nose the sum of all those masks…it makes whole bunches of masks. We walk around with bundles that are full. When we arrive at the entrance of the cities, we find heaps and heaps, hundreds, even thousands of them!”

The duo also stop at schools to talk to children about the importance of properly disposing of face masks.

The other man, Edmund Platt, shared, “I asked the children, ‘have you ever seen someone throwing masks on the ground?’ All of them, 90 pupils, said ‘yes.'”

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