Couple Builds Charming Little Home in 3 Months With Only P280k

Like many people who found “the one,” Abby Magtulis, 28, and Hazel Garcia, 31, decided to look for a small, safe place to call their own. 

Abby and Hazel constructed a beautiful tiny house in Silang, Cavite all by themselves. The best part? It took only three months to build, and cost no more than 280,000 pesos.

Abby shared, “[We’ve been] working from home since 2017, and we wanted a place [where] we can work and relax at the same time.”

When they attended a birthday celebration at a resort, they were inspired by the smart design of the cottage they stayed in.

The couple ended scouring the internet for tiny house ideas and built a simple structure with a six-square meter floor area and a 15-foot tall foundation.

The house may be small, but they have enough space for two work stations, a living area, a bathroom, and a bed.

They even built a small roof area for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and view provided by their lush garden.

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