Qatar Identifies Parents of Abandoned Baby at Doha Airport

Qatar has identified the parents of a baby abandoned in a bin at Doha’s airport in October.

A woman from “an Asian country” fled abroad after dumping the infant, public prosecutors said, adding that efforts were under way to extradite her. A DNA test confirmed an Asian man was the father.

Prosecutors said they charged the mother of the child with attempted murder and were “taking the appropriate legal action within the international judicial co-operation to arrest the fugitive.” She faces up to 15 years in prison if extradited and convicted.

They added, “The father of the infant admitted he had a relationship with the infant’s mother, and she had sent him a message and a photo of the newborn infant immediately after her birth. The letter [also said] she had [abandoned] the infant she had given birth to and fled to her country.” 

The father is still in Qatar, but it is not clear whether he faces any charges.

The baby is being taken care of by Qatari authorities.

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