Tiny Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

It’s been a big few days for a tiny bird.

An owl is recovering at a wildlife refuge in New York state after it was discovered clinging to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

The bird was found by workers helping to transport the spruce 170 miles to New York City.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center director Ellen Kalish, who is caring for the owl, said, “It’s just a story out of a movie.”

After the feathered stowaway – now named Rockefeller – was taken to the wildlife center, the team began giving him fluids and “all the mice he will eat.” The owl had not had anything to eat or drink during his three-day road trip. 

She said, “It’s amazing he didn’t get crushed.”

Rockefeller was taken to the vet for a check-up and some X-rays, but he appears to be in great condition considering his adventurous week.

Despite Rockefeller’s diminutive size, he is a full-grown adult. Saw-whet owls are the smallest owls in the US north-east, typically growing to no more than 8.3 inches.

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