Pinoy Lola in ‘Blue’s Clues’ Excited for Fans to Learn About Filipino Culture

Filipinos were amazed when Joshua dela Cruz’s lola was introduced in a teaser of popular American kids’ show “Blue’s Clues.”

And the actress who portrayed said lola, Caroline Fe, was no less thrilled.

In an interview on Canadian newscast Omni News, anchored by Filipina Rhea Santos, Caroline said that the development was “huge.”

She said, “All I can say is that it blew my mind that we are going to be represented in the biggest way. Can you imagine the next generation of children in general, they are going to get to know the Filipino culture.”

She added, “We have been present, silently present, and I think it’s about time that we do come out and show how we’ve integrated, accepted their culture and now it’s our turn to share our culture to them.”

In the clip, Josh, the new host of the show who is proudly Pinoy, showcased Filipino culture by greeting his lola with a “mano.”

Netizens are eagerly awaiting to see what the episode will contain.

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