First Transatlantic Flight With Free COVID-19 Tests

The first transatlantic flight to offer free coronavirus testing has touched down in London. 

United Airlines flight-14 landed in the British capital just before 7 a.m. local time, after departing from New York’s Newark Airport.

All 36 passengers on board tested negative for the virus before being allowed to embark on the journey.

The transatlantic route has long been a crucial one for business, given the role of New York and London as world-leading financial hubs. But flights have been heavily curtailed since the pandemic, with the U.S. and UK both battling a second wave of COVID-19 cases.

United’s chief customer officer said, “These flights are a good proof-of-concept for governments around the world that are considering making testing part of the travel experience.”

Like many airlines, the American carrier is facing major losses as a result of the pandemic. Lockdowns and travel restrictions have battered the industry, with many firms struggling to survive.

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