U.S. Recommends Not Traveling Over Thanksgiving

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautioned Americans against traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, as COVID-19 spreads out of control.

CDC doctor Henry Walke said, “CDC is recommending against travel during the Thanksgiving period. It’s not a requirement. It’s a strong recommendation.”

An overwhelming surge of the coronavirus is afflicting the US at the very moment that extended families are considering if, and how, they can gather for the holidays. Public health experts have three words for you: “don’t do it.” 

There is currently no risk-free way to spend time indoors with the loved ones who live outside your home.

While there is promising news about coronavirus vaccine candidates and a COVID-19 antibody treatment, that does not change the current worsening situation. Coronavirus cases are rising exponentially across the country and many hospitals are once again close to full capacity.

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