Hair Loss Epidemic in China Fuels Surge in Hair Transplants

Hair loss is an increasingly common problem for many in China, especially among millennials. A recent survey released by China’s National Health Commission shows one in six people, or over 250 million, are suffering from hair loss.

According to the survey, men aged 20 to 40 are the main group with the problem.

The rising number suffering from hair loss has fueled a surge in the wig and hair transplant markets.

According to the owner of one wig shop, the proportion of young consumers visiting the shop has increased up to 30 percent, China Central Television reported.

Different from elderly consumers, young consumers are more concerned about their looks. And they prefer to choose products such as hairpieces or hair toppers to create a more natural look.

To save the receding hairlines, many people have turned to hair transplant surgery. Around 57 percent of consumers who conduct the treatment are people born post 1990, the survey unveiled.

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