France Becomes First EU Country to Pass 2M COVID-19 Cases

France has become the first nation on the European continent to pass two million confirmed COVID-19 infections.

The country only passed one million coronavirus cases three weeks ago. The number of people being treated in hospitals is rising, and the mortality rate remains high. Many do not see the situation improving soon.

One reason for the spike in confirmed cases is the mass-testing program, which is uncovering more infections. In Paris alone, each neighborhood has various walk-in centers where you can get a free COVID-19 test on the day.

France had a first wave of cases and then the first lockdown. Now the country is suffering from a second wave of infections, and the nationwide lockdown is back in place. For some, this strategy of going in and out of confinement is not sustainable in the long run.

But authorities in France are beginning to sound cautious notes of optimism that the measures put in place could be having a positive effect.

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