Almost 5,000 ‘Excess’ Heart Disease Deaths in England Since March

A UK charity is urging people not to delay seeking medical attention, citing figures suggesting nearly 5,000 more people have died from heart problems than would be expected since the start of the pandemic.

According to data from Public Health England, there were 4,785 “excess deaths” recorded between March 20 and October 30.

Despite 1,225 of these deaths being attributed to COVID-19, that still leaves over 3,000 unaccounted for.

Figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics suggest there were another 23,000 “excess” deaths of people in their homes between March and October, while 7,500 more than expected died in care homes. 

There could be several factors behind the excess deaths. People might have put off seeking medical attention for fear of adding pressure to the country’s healthcare system. 

Patients may have also delayed seeking care for worrying symptoms as they were scared of contracting the virus in hospitals.

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