Indian Factory Workers Supplying Major Brands Allege Exploitation

Indian workers in factories supplying the supermarket chains like Marks and Spencer, and the fashion brand Ralph Lauren, said they are being subjected to exploitative conditions.

Women working at a Ralph Lauren supplier said they had been forced to stay overnight to complete orders, sometimes requiring them to sleep on the factory floor.

One woman said, “We’re made to work continuously, often through the night, sleeping at 3am then waking up by 5am for another full day. Our bosses don’t care. They’re only bothered about production.”

Workers at the supermarket supplier said they had been made to endure conditions which would be unacceptable for staff employed by the same brands in the UK.

One worker said, “We don’t get toilet breaks, we don’t get time to drink water on shift. We barely get time to eat lunch.”

She added a manager sometimes stands behind staff in the canteen and blows a whistle to send them back to work.

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