Marikeños Set Up ‘Food Cable’ System to Help Neighbors in Need

Even after harsh winds and raging flood waters lashed Marikina City during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, residents reached out to their neighbors in need of food.

Peejay Samar and his family used an improvised cable to transport food from their home to a group of 30 people, composed mostly of kids.

The video of children, who were stranded on the second floor of an unfinished house amid houses submerged in floodwaters, cheering as a plastic container of food made its way to them has since gone viral on social media.

In Nangka, Naomi Guarino tossed food packed in plastic bags from her house to neighbors who were on rooftops.

Marikina City was earlier placed under state of calamity after hundreds of houses were inundated.

The water level of the Marikina River reached 21.8 meters as of 9:14 a.m., breaching the level of Ondoy in 2009.Around 15,000 residents are still in evacuation centers due to the thick mud left behind by flood waters.

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