US Family Turns in $1M Found On The Street

A family in the US state of Virginia was praised after turning in two large mail bags they found in the middle of the road — filled with nearly one million dollars in cash.

Emily Schantz said her family was out driving when they ran over one of the bags. At first, they thought they had hit a bunch of trash. Then they found another bag in a nearby ditch.

It was only after they returned home that they realized they had nearly one million dollars in cash in the back of their pick-up truck. But instead of hanging onto the windfall, the family turned the bags into the local sheriff’s department.

Major Scott Moser said, “For someone so honest and willing to give…almost a million dollars back, it’s exceptional on their part.”

Schantz said her family was simply doing “the right thing” as “it didn’t belong to us.”

Authorities believe the money was being sent to a bank. The bags have been delivered to a post office, which will ensure they reach their proper destination.

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