Italy Lays Out School Reopening Plan

Italy’s Education Ministry has laid out a multi-pronged reopening plan, including provisions to limit the number of students in classrooms, to ensure at least one meter distance, as well as pupils in some districts having staggered start times and school on alternative days.

Teachers will wear masks and face shields, while students will also wear face coverings. Classrooms will be sanitized several times a day. Classes will be divided into smaller study groups to limit social contact, which will allow for easier contact-tracing should a student test positive.

Where possible, classes will be moved outdoors, or to theaters, churches, and museums, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained in older school buildings. 

Distance learning will be conducted in tandem for high school students who can choose not to attend class if they live in situations with vulnerable family members where it would be risky to bring Covid-19 home.

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