Manila Hospital Set Up Tents in Parking Lot

Manila’s Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center has been forced to house confirmed COVID-19 patients in tents at the parking lot because there are no more beds available inside the hospital.

Dr. Ted Martin, director at the district hospital, said, “We really need to have them admitted. The people, the patients are pitiful. They have nowhere to go, just going around hospitals in Metro Manila. We can’t bring them up because there’s no vacancy there.”

The hospital still accepts patients who go to them for treatment despite its full capacity.

Martin said other hospitals designated for COVID-19 cases are likewise full.

Inside Tent No. 3 are confirmed COVID-19 patients who are further weakened by the stifling heat of the sun. Other tents house patients awaiting swab test results and those exhibiting respiratory symptoms.

Nurses have to remind patients to always put on their face masks as many are caught without them due to the heat.

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