NCOV Effect on Pregnancy

Protecting pregnant women and newborns from the deadly coronavirus is the focus of a recently released strategy paper on the crisis.

The issue of maternal and neonatal health risk flared up last week after a pregnant woman infected with the virus delivered a baby in Wuhan, the center of the outbreak. Barely 30 hours after birth, the newborn became the youngest person to be infected with the coronavirus.

While some experts believe the virus passed on from mother to child, many scientists argue the newborn came in contact with the infection after birth.

Apart from isolating babies from infected persons, frequently disinfecting rooms and properly handling medical waste, researchers also recommended the suspension of breastfeeding.

With China’s elderly population on the way to crossing the 400 million mark by the end of 2035, saving the lives and health of newborns to maintain a young workforce is a national priority.

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