British Airways Cuts 10,000 Jobs

The trade union representing British Airways staff has labeled the company’s redundancy plans “despicable” after the airline confirmed more than 10,000 workers will lose their jobs.

Friday’s cuts affect mainly cabin crew, engineers and airport staff, with 6,000 accepting voluntary staff redundancy and 4,000 enforced job losses.

British Airways and its owner, International Airlines Group, first mentioned major restructuring of staff in April, after revealing it wanted to cut up to 12,000 jobs. Like other airlines, the pandemic hit BA hard, with the company posting losses of more than 900 million dollars in the second quarter. The airline doesn’t expect the industry to recover fully until 2023.

UK parliamentarians have criticized BA, with one comparing the move to putting a gun to workers’ heads. The pilots’ union has agreed a compromise with BA management by reducing the number of possible redundancies with significant pay cuts.

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