Flight Attendant Turns to Selling Fruits Amid Pandemic

Flights may be suspended for this flight attendant, but her online fruit-selling business has taken off.

Em Enrique stopped boarding flights since March as the airline industry took a hit from COVID-19.She was well-compensated in her five years as a flight attendant. However, she needed to use her savings when her mother recently went through thyroid surgery.

Em said she also received advice that they had no flights until October, which added to her worries. Instead of dwelling on the issue, Em decided to keep herself busy by starting her own business.

She chose to focus on selling fruits via Facebook, “especially avocadoes as [demand for them was high], since [they are only available] once a year.”

According to Em, she sells around 80 to 100 kilos of avocados in two days. The earnings may be lower than what she was getting as a flight attendant, but what’s important to her is that the family has a source of income and they are healthy.

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