Big Tech Manipulation

Google, Facebook, and Twitter are under intense pressure to prevent interference in the 2020 U.S. elections after they were manipulated four years ago by Russia-connected actors.

Google’s YouTube clarified its policy on political manipulation, reiterating that it bans election-related “deepfake” videos. Facebook has also been ramping up its election security efforts.

Facebook has been using third-party fact-checkers to debunk false stories on its site for three years. While the efforts are paying off, the battle against misinformation is far from over.

As with many of Twitter’s policies, including bans on hate speech or abuse, success is measured by how well they can enforce it. Even with rules in place, enforcement can be uneven and slow.

Twitter said it was committed to seeking input from its users on such rules who said misleading tweets should be labeled, though not everyone agreed on whether they should be removed.

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