Burberry & Tencent Team Up for “Social Retail Store”

Burberry partnered with Chinese tech giant Tencent to launch a luxury concept store using social media interactions.

The British retailer opened its first “social retail store” on July 31 in Shenzhen, China’s technology hub.

The store is the first stage of the partnership, positioning Burberry, which has 61 stores in China, as an innovator among Chinese shoppers, who make up 40% of sales. 

Burberry’s CEO said, “When it came to innovating around social and retail, China was the obvious place to go as [it is] home to some of the most digitally savvy luxury customers.” 

Tencent’s WeChat social messaging platform, over one billion users in China, plays a big role in this new customer experience.

A WeChat program allows shoppers to unlock exclusive content and personalized experiences which they can share on social media. All the clothes are labelled with QR codes which show product information on the customer’s phone when scanned.

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