Taylor Swift Rebrands ‘Folkore’ Merch

Taylor Swift and her team took quick action after being accused of copying the logo of a black-owned business on merchandise for her “Folklore” album. 

Amira Rasool, founder of online retailer The Folklore, accused the pop star last week of selling merchandise that ripped off the logo of her company, which sells apparel, accessories and other products by designers in Africa and the diaspora.

Rasool shared photos on social media of cardigans and sweatshirts with the words “The Folklore Album” for sale on Swift’s website.

She wrote, “Based on the similarities of the design, I believe the designer of the merch ripped off my company’s logo. I am sharing my story to bring light to the trend of large companies [and] celebrities copying the work of small minority-owned business owners.”

As of Tuesday, Swift’s website was no longer selling apparel with the words “The Folklore Album,” swapping it out for new designs that read, “Folklore Album.”

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