Sisters Who Lost Livelihood Set Up Online Food Business

Two sisters set up an online food business to bounce back after losing their livelihoods amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jaquilyn Manalo used to earn 40,000 pesos a month from her stall in Divisoria. She also started a catering business after cooking for her sister’s wedding, but her events were quickly canceled when the country was put into lockdown.

When the community quarantine was imposed, she was stuck in Pampanga with little choice but to rely on government aid and her savings to support her child.

Meanwhile, her younger sister, Janice Ferreras, was laid off from her job.

When Jaquilyn finally made it back to Manila and reunited with her sister, she found the strength to restart her food business.

Their business took off when Jaquilyn cooked one day and Janice posted it online. In just 10 days, they were able to earn 40,000 pesos and even helped the drivers in their neighborhood by tapping them for delivery service.

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