Government’s Pandemic Action Plan Now in ‘Critical’ Phase

The government’s pandemic action plan is now in its “critical” phase, requiring “aggressive” testing and isolation of infected persons as well as greater involvement of local officials, especially in the enforcement of localized lockdowns.

This was according to Carlito Galvez Jr., chief implementer of the COVID-19 policy, who also stressed the need for government to strike a balance between ensuring public health and reopening the economy.

Galvez said, “In the second phase of our operational design, the challenge is to contain and manage the emerging new cases (while) at the same time, how we can continue our capacity building, particularly the expansion of our (intensive care unit) beds and the resiliency of our vulnerable community.”

He added, “What we will do in the second phase is we will shift the role to the (local government units), just like what (Quezon City) Mayor Joy (Belmonte) is doing – localized lockdown.”

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