Task Force to Mobilize Cops to ‘Monitor’ Residents On Home Quarantine

The enforcement arm of the government’s coronavirus task force is set to mobilize the country’s barangay tanods—with each barangay having its own assigned police officer to take charge of intensified quarantine enforcement on the local level, which it says is a necessary move to repel “stubborn” barangay folk they insist have grown “complacent” in following quarantine rules. 

Though government officials have said that health workers and local government personnel will be sent to find COVID-19 patients, police focal persons assigned to each barangay will be directed to conduct the “identification and monitoring of barangay residents on home quarantine if there is any,” the Joint Task Force COVID Shield said.

It is not clear if the supervisor-cops will be doing so as part of Oplan Kalinga, the government’s program to “transfer” self-quarantined coronavirus patients from their homes to government quarantine facilities.

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