Healthworkers: ‘No Life is Worth P1-M’

Many health workers have reached their tipping point, overwhelmed by the workload while trying their best not to contract COVID-19, a specialist said.

Dr. Monica Pia Reyes-Montecillo, internal medicine and infectious disease specialist, said, “It has been four months and healthcare workers start to burn out. Many…get sick, and no life is worth one million pesos. We are not superheroes. We are not immune to the virus.”

She added many health workers have resigned while others are demoralized, as COVID-19 prevents families from comforting their loved ones infected with the virus.

As of July 26, 35 health workers have died due to COVID-19.

The government has allotted one million pesos for health workers who die in the line of duty while battling COVID-19. Meanwhile, those who fall critically ill are set to receive 100,000 pesos, although funding is still an issue because the law providing for such benefits already lapsed.

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