Ancient Chinese Pottery Looks Like ‘Angry Birds’ Character

A 3,200-year-old clay figurine, unearthed by Chinese archaeologists in the southwestern Province of Sichuan, seems to share uncanny resemblance to the pig from the Angry Birds mobile game. The discovery has left the Chinese blogosphere surprised and delighted in equal parts, with the topic attracting millions of views online.

The artifact was discovered during excavations at the site of an ancient settlement. It was part of a collection of potteries, porcelain and stoneware, in an impressive find that researchers say will help them better understand the Shu Kingdom, which dates back 2,600 to 4,800 years.

But among all the clay plates, vases and cups dug up, the pottery pig was the one that grabbed attention on Weibo, a platform similar to Twitter, with many joking that the Angry Birds character has traveled back in time to prehistoric days. The topic received 400 million views and 290,000 discussions since Wednesday.

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