Bulacan Cops Arrest Community Leader

Urban poor alliance Kadamay condemend the arrest of a community leader in Bulacan and the confiscation of copies of Pinoy Weekly, an independent newspaper, saying both were done despite police not presenting any warrants.

In a statement, Kadamay said the Philippine National Police came in “squads” to arrest one of its leaders, Rose Fortaleza, after they “entered the occupied Villa Lois housing site to conduct illegal searches without a warrant.”

The group’s statement reads: “The cops entered Fortaleza’s home, arrested her and confiscated the group’s flyers along with issues of the alternative news publication, Pinoy Weekly.” 

According to Kadamay, Fortaleza remains detained at the Pandi Municipal Police Station without any formal charges pressed, and her family has been barred from seeing her.

A source said the station took what they identified as subversive materials after they were voluntarily surrendered to police.

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