Bangladeshi Migrant Arrested After Criticizing Malaysian Gov’t on TV

Malaysian authorities arrested a Bangladeshi man who criticized the country’s treatment of undocumented migrants during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a documentary broadcast on July 3 on Al Jazeera, Rayhan Kabir, 25, said the government discriminated against irregular foreign workers by arresting them. He will now be deported. 

Critics call the detentions of hundreds of migrants inhumane. Officials say the move was needed to curb the virus.

Activists say those arrested included children and Rohingya refugees. The detentions were carried out when Malaysia was under Covid-19 lockdown.

Police launched an investigation into the documentary, Locked Up in Malaysia’s Lockdown, following complaints by officials and local media that it was “inaccurate, misleading and unfair,” the Qatari broadcaster said.

An arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Kabir – whose work permit was revoked after the program aired – and he was arrested on Friday.

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