Madrid Makes Face Masks Compulsary

The decision by the Madrid regional government to make the wearing of face masks mandatory in all public spaces is a sign of just how worried the authorities are of a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

The Spanish capital became the epicenter of the virus in April but since then has managed to keep the rate of new infections relatively under control. Isabel Diaz Ayuso, head of Madrid’s regional government, said these measures needed to be implemented now to prevent a full lockdown in the future.

She said, “From now on, we are going to ask for the mask to be compulsory in all public spaces, although we are aware that the vast majority of Madrid’s residents already wear it voluntarily and I would like to stress that we want to thank you once again for your exemplary behavior.”

In recent weeks, almost all of Spain’s 17 regions have made the wearing of face masks compulsory to prevent COVID-19. Madrid is one of the last to follow suit.

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