UK Bans Junk Food Ads

The UK government is on a mission to help citizens trim their waistlines and get back in shape. The fat-fighting policy is aimed at defusing the “obesity time bomb” by placing the right tools in the hands of the country’s population to help them eat healthily and exercise more. They include suggestions for health apps, from hearty meal recipes to fitness trackers, and incentives to encourage a cycling culture.

The strategy comes with a legislative action restricting when junk food ads can air on TV, what promotions restaurants are not allowed to offer and where nutritional warnings should go on menus and packages.

Obesity is a crisis of extra-large proportions in the country. Some 63 percent of adults in England are either overweight or obese. A third of children finish primary school having added weight beyond healthy limits. Overweight children are taking in up to 500 calories more than their daily needs, health authorities say.

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