Largest Firework

The skies over Steamboat Springs, Colorado, erupted in red as the world’s largest firework launched in the evening of February 8 at the city’s annual winter carnival.

The firework shell weighed almost 2,800 pounds, about the weight of a Toyota Corolla, and was 62 inches — a little more than five feet — in diameter.

Explosives propelled the shell out of a 26-foot steel tube at 300 miles per hour, and it rose nearly a mile in the air before exploding.

An official from Guinness World Records attended the launch and presented a certificate to project manager Tim Borden and his team who have been working to break the record for seven years. The team tried to break the record last year, but the shell exploded too early.

The former world record for the largest firework was set in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 with a 2,397-pound shell.

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