Man Survives Bear Attack in His Kitchen

A Colorado man knew something was wrong when he heard a commotion Friday morning in his house.

Dave Chernosky said, “I laid in bed thinking, ‘I really hope this isn’t a bear.’”

He said the 400-pound bear was standing at the refrigerator when he walked in the kitchen. He was able to keep the kitchen island between them and tried to coax it into the garage to get it outside.

The plan seemed to work, but the bear got spooked when he hit the garage door opener, and it came back in the house. He followed to make sure it didn’t wander down the stairs to where his 12-year-old twins were sleeping. That’s when he encountered the bear face-to-face.

He said, “We looked at each other, and he just smacked me in the side of the head and spun me around and got me again on the back. I literally heard it crack on my head. A bear paw is not soft and cushy.”

He was bleeding heavily but was able to scramble away and scream at the bear to leave.

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