Slave Trader Statue Replaced With One of A Black Lives Matter Protester

Last month, Black Lives Matter demonstrators in the UK made headlines when they toppled a statue of 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston and dumped it into the River Avon.

Now, the city has an entirely new figure being celebrated: a protester.

British artist Marc Quinn erected a statue depicting a woman with her fist raised in a Black Power salute in the place where Colston once stood. He based the artwork on a photograph of Jen Reid, a Bristol resident who had climbed atop the empty statue base as she returned home from the demonstration in June. 

When he saw the picture of Jen on Instagram, his first “thought was how incredible it would be to make a sculpture of her, in that instant.”

After contacting Reid, the artist produced a life-sized sculpture of the moment using black resin. He said the sculpture “is an embodiment and amplification of Jen’s ideas and experiences, and of the past, present and her hope for a better future.”

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