‘Simple Funerals’ Now The Norm

Since the beginning of lockdown, the way that we say goodbye to our loved ones has also drastically changed, with a dramatic shift towards more simple funerals, according to Co-op Funeralcare. 

There has been a rise in direct cremations, which involves an unattended service taking place. Cortège services have also been used by many, where people are able to commemorate a loved one from a distance. Many have also planned memorial services for after the lockdown ends.

Co-op Funeralcare says that returning to normal will be harder for those who have lost a loved one, as many have not been able to go through normal grieving processes. Lockdown has also meant that grieving individuals will have to experience “special milestones, such as birthdays and anniversaries, alone.” 

The long-term psychological effects are still not known and experts are warning that society could experience what they are referring to as a “grief pandemic.”

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