Wuhan’s Makeshift Hospital

Wuhan has built many makeshift hospitals since the coronavirus outbreak, and experts say they’re a great option for treatment.

A cultural center, known as the “Wuhan Livingroom”, is now a temporary hospital, capable of receiving 2,000 patients with minor coronavirus symptoms. Medical workers are on four shifts, six hours each, 24/7.

“I came here for my family and hope for better treatment,” said a patient, who came on his own accord.

Health experts say there is no risk of cross-infection between patients. But some are questioning the feasibility and quality of the makeshift hospitals. This may not be the perfect plan, but it’s the most feasible short-term solution to curb the outbreak’s spread.

“At first, I was shocked to know the diagnosis. I was terrified and cried all night,” she told CGTN, “Then I came here and met my ward mates. Medical workers have treated us patients well. I feel much safer and I think we are going to live.”

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