China to Reopen Cinemas in Low-risk Areas

Chinese cinemas will be allowed to reopen starting July 20 in low-risk areas, after months of closure because of COVID-19.

The China Film Administration said the reopening will be in line with local prevention and control measures. Theaters in medium- and high-risk areas will remain shut for now.

Operators need to get the final go-ahead from local authorities and register with the China Film Administration.

Local disease control departments will supervise and instruct businesses that re-open to ensure anti-epidemic guidelines are followed.

The resumption of operations comes with a set of rules. Ticket offices will remain closed. All movie tickets must be sold online through a real-name reservation system. 

Social distancing will also be observed inside the screening venues, with at least one empty seat between spectators. The number of moviegoers allowed in each theater will be capped at 30 percent of its maximum capacity.

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